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Mom of Micro-Preemie Writes First Book


In 2013, Amy Boyes’ life was turned upside down when she gave birth sixteen weeks prematurely. Her daughter, Madeline weighed just over a pound. Dubbed a “micro-preemie,” she was barely twelve inches long. Her eyes were still fused together. Her skin was translucent and paper line. The miraculous journey that followed inspired Amy to share her story.


Published by Signature Editions, Micro Miracle is the true story of a medical triumph and the loving tale of accepting the inevitable, whatever that might be.


“The Neonatology Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a frightening place for parents of micro-preemies,” Amy said. “The uncertainty is the biggest drain on your emotions.”


Madeline was hospitalized for sixteen weeks during which time she battled severe infections such as E. coli in her blood and many complications including a collapsed lung.


“The biggest problems for Madeline were ongoing infections and her underdeveloped lungs. The most powerful ventilators and medications can only do so much if there isn’t lung tissue to support. The entire body needs oxygen and all the organs suffer when the lungs are underdeveloped.”

Making decisions about care and treatment were also complicated.


“You want to do what is right for your child, but a baby can’t tell you what they want. They just have to live with the decisions you make. It’s an awesome responsibility,” Amy said. “At one point, we were urged to use a powerful steroid for Madeline’s lungs even though it was known to increase risks of cerebral palsy. Madeline’s situation was severe enough for us to agree to the steroid’s use, but we did not make that decision lightly. It took a lot of thought.”


Today, Madeline is a healthy five-year-old with endless energy and a love for life.


“She brings us joy every day,” said Amy. “We never imagined how stressful the first part of Madeline’s life could be, but it was worth it all.”

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