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Amy Boyes

Until giving birth to Madeline, Amy Boyes identified as a pianist and an educator. She earned piano performance and pedagogy degrees at Brandon University and University of Alberta, and she teaches a busy music studio in Ottawa, Ontario. 


Then her daughter Madeline was born sixteen weeks prematurely, and Amy's identity grew to include the beautiful role of mother. Through the struggle of Madeline's birth, Amy discovered the complex emotions that come with bringing a fragile life into the world. She shares this journey in Micro Miracle. 


Building on her experience writing about musical education, Amy explores a more introspective approach in Micro Miracle. Often funny and always unapologetically honest, Amy recounts a vivid tale of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 


Amy lives with her husband Josh, and daughter Madeline, in Ottawa, Ontario where she gardens madly all summer and dreams of it all winter. 

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